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Where Art Transcends Boundaries

Bridging Chinese Artists with the Global Art World





ArtNova is an incubator that focuses on supporting Chinese artists in their overseas endeavors, dedicated to providing them with essential resources and assistance to thrive in the global art scene. In today's international art market, numerous exceptionally talented Chinese artists encounter various challenges on their path to internationalization, including limited access to overseas art resources, a lack of exposure channels, and inadequate support from existing overseas incubators.

To address these issues, ArtNova offers personalized and comprehensive art overseas incubation programs for its contracted artists. By taking care of the myriad tasks associated with going overseas, the program allows artists to focus better on their artistic creation. It also facilitates quick international exposure for their works, fostering collaborations with international institutions, media, and collectors, thereby paving the way for successful global careers.

We warmly welcome artists and community members to join ArtNova, where together, we will redefine the international art landscape and create a brighter future for Chinese artists venturing overseas. Let us embark on this exciting journey of artistic growth and achievement on the global stage.

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